image_setup(), image_setup_ext()

Copy the the startup code and OS image into RAM and prepare it for execution

int image_setup (unsigned long address)
int image_setup_ext (unsigned long address)


The address of the image that is to be copied into RAM


The image_setup() function prepares an image for execution. It copies the startup code from ROM into RAM where it can execute. It takes the image's address in ROM as its parameter, and always returns 0.

This function:

The image_setup_ext() function is an APIC extension version of image_setup(). It operates in a 16-bit real-mode environment and makes use of the int15_copy() function to perform its tasks on the OS image.

You use the image_setup_ext() function for an x86 system with a BIOS. This function copies the startup code to memory from where it is stored using an industry-standard BIOS routine.


Always returns 0