Drivers may be hardware-specific. If you are creating a new BSP, you need to package all the board-specific drivers in your BSP.

Like any other software system, your QNX Neutrino-based system needs to communicate with the outside world. Some of the more common ways to do this are via a serial port, a network (e.g., Ethernet), data acquisition and generation, and multimedia devices and files.

This communication requires drivers that reside outside the OS. QNX SDP provides generic drivers with the SDP and board-specific or updated versions as required in BSP packages and product patches. For standard serial ports, QNX Neutrino supports several families of devices (e.g., 8250). For details, see:

If no off-the-shelf drivers are available for your hardware and you need to write your own driver, you can find more information and instructions in Writing a Resource Manager.