Including many files

To include the contents of a directory and its subdirectories, you can simply specify the directory instead of individual files.

For example, if you have a directory called /release_1.0 and you want all the files and subdirectories in that directory to be included in the image, all you need to do is write the following in your buildfile:


This would put all the files that reside under /release_1.0 into /proc/boot on the target. If there are subdirectories under /release_1.0, then mkifs creates them under /proc/boot, and places them and their files in the image.

If you don't the specified directory to be placed in /proc/boot, then simply specify the directory where you want them placed, as you would specify a target location for a file (see Location of files on the target in this chapter). For example, if you want the /release_1.0 files to be placed under /, in the buildfile specify:


This line tells mkifs to take everything from the /release_1.0 directory and put it into a directory called / in the image. Similarly, if you want everything in the host's /release_1.0 directory to be place in the /product directory on the target, you can specify: