The rest of the buildfile

The rest of the buildfile contains attributes, filenames and contents. These set where mkifs looks for the files it includes in the image, as well as other system attributes such as file ownership and permissions.

As an example of the last part of a buildfile, we can examine the following example:

[type=link] /usr/lib/

If we parse the contents of this example, we find:

[type=link] — specifies that the contents of are a link.
[data=c] — specifies that the data segment of an executable is copied when invoked.
Filenames,, devc-ser8250 and hello — the names of files that included in the image
/proc/boot/ — on the line with the attribute [type=link], the contents to be written into the file in the image.

For more information, see the documentation for mkifs in the Utilities Reference.