What's new in QNX Neutrino 7.0: Audio component BuildID 594—January 17, 2018 (7.0.594.S201801171044)

Support for Acoustic Management Platform 2.0
Audio management
The following changes are new for audio management:
  • The way that you configure preemption has changed to allow you to be more selective when a preempted audio type moves from the SUSPENDED to PAUSED state. To configure this functionality, you use the preemption and transient keys instead of the premption_by_higher and preemption_by_same keys in the audio policy configuration file. For more information, see Understanding preemption and Syntax of the audio policy configuration file in the “Audio Management” chapter of this guide.
  • The audio configuration file has a new [AUDIOMGMT] section that supports the following new options:
    • Multiple audio management contexts. You can specify an audio policy configuration file for each context, which allows you to specify different policies for each context. For more information, see Audio Management.
    • Specify the location of the audio policy configuration file using the policy_conf key. You can no longer provide the location of the audio policy configuration file as an option when you run io-audio.
  • This release added audio type volume control, which allows you to apply volume settings and mute all audio streams of a specific audio type. For more information, see Understanding audio type volume controls.”
There are changes to how you use the io-audio service. See the QNX Neutrino Utilities Reference guide for more information about the changes.

This guide now has example source for the afm_ctl utility (afm_ctl.c).

The wave.c and mix_ctl.c examples have been revised.