Copying files from the host to a target

To copy files from your host to a target machine:
  1. In a file management utility on the host (e.g., Windows Explorer), select your files, then select Copy from the context menu.
  2. In the left pane of the Target File System Navigator, expand the directory listings as needed under the entry for the target to which you're copying the files, right-click the destination directory, then select Paste.
Note: To convert files from DOS to QNX Neutrino (or Unix) format, use this command: textto -l filename. For more information, see textto in the Utilities Reference.
You can also drag and drop files to a target. To do this:
  • Drag your selected files from any program that supports drag-and-drop (e.g., Windows Explorer), then drop them in the appropriate destination directory shown in the Target File System Navigator.