Target File System Navigator

The Target File System Navigator lets you easily copy files between your host and a filesystem residing on a target machine.

This view is shown in the bottom set of views in the default C/C++ perspective. You can also access this view through: Window > Show View > Other > QNX Targets > Target File System Navigator

The view shows the target name and directory tree in the left pane, and the contents of the selected directory in the right pane:
Screenshot of Target File System Navigator showing a directory selected in the left pane and a listing of its files in the right pane
Each existing target connection is listed in the left pane, so you must create a connection before you can navigate any target filesystems.
Note: If the Target File System Navigator view shows only one pane, click the dropdown button (Icon: Dropdown button) in the upper right corner and select Show table. You can also customize the view by selecting Table Parameters or Show files in tree. This last option is implicitly selected when Show table is not selected, so you can see the files in the left pane when the right pane is absent.