Connection Information

The Connection Information view shows the file descriptors, server processes, and IO flags for the connections used by the process selected in the Target Navigator view. For some connections, it also shows the pathname of the resource accessed through the connection.

This view lists the file descriptors for all IPC mechanisms, including sockets, named semaphores, message queues, and connection IDs (coids). The information displayed comes from the individual resource manager servers that provide the connections. In some cases, fields are blank because the resource manager doesn't have the ability to return the requested information.

Screenshot of Connection Information view showing file descriptors, server names, IOFlags, and other information
File Descriptors
The file descriptor number. When a file descriptor is created through a side channel, an “s” is displayed beside this number. Because the connection ID is returned from a different space than with standard file descriptors, the ID is greater than any valid standard descriptor.
The connections are sorted by this field, in ascending order. So, the standard input, output, and error connections are listed first, followed by all other connections that were not created as side channels, then those that were created as such.
To see the full side channel numbers, click the View Menu dropdown (Icon: Connection Information View Menu) in the view toolbar, then click Full Side Channels. For information on side channels, see the ConnectAttach() entry in the C Library Reference.
Server Name
The resource manager server name.
The read (r) and write (w) status of the file. A double dash (--) indicates no read or write permission. A blank indicates that the information isn't available. For descriptions of additional file status indicators used in this column, see the fcntl.h header file.
Seek Offset
The connection's offset from the start of the file.
Resource Name
If available, the pathname of the resource accessed through the connection.