Driver object

USB driver objects have names that match the driver process IDs. This approach ensures the distinctiveness of object names for different USB devices because process IDs are unique throughout the system.

Each driver object that the USB launcher service writes to PPS contains the following fields:
Name Description Type Example
arguments Command-line arguments passed to the driver for the device String
blk cache=1m,vnode=384, 
noatime disk name=umass cdrom
name=umasscd umass
interface USB interface number Integer 1
interface_class USB class ID Integer 0x08
interface_name USB interface name. This field is present only if the device defines it. String Mass Storage Device
interface_protocol USB interface protocol Integer 0x50
interface_subclass USB subclass ID Integer 0x06
name Driver process name String devb-umass
pid Driver process ID Integer 593947
PPS_DEVICE_ID Device object path String /pps/qnx/device/usb-0.2