Mount object

The mount object that cdpub writes to PPS contains the following fields:
Name Description Type Example
content_type Type of content on the disc String with one of the following values: data, vcd, svcd, audiocd, dvdaudio, or dvdvideo audiocd
fs_type Filesystem type. This field is present only if the filesystem is mounted. String in the format of cd (type), where type could be audio, joliet, iso9660, or other values. cd (audio)
label Label of the partition. This field is present only if a label is found. String The Doors Greatest Hits
mount Mountpoint. This field is present only if the filesystem is mounted. String /fs/cd0
plugin_name Name of plugin supplying extra mount information, followed by mount fields returned by the plugin

String in the following format: pname [attr_name::value]*

Here, pname is one of these plugin names: audiocd or generic.

The set of attributes written into this field depends on the plugin.

toc::150 15001 27891
45959 61580 80504
97768 114709 134020
151840 170834 189820
210820 232075 244826
263058 286468 297515
310984 324080
PPS_DRIVER_ID Driver object path String /pps/qnx/driver/64315
raw Name of raw device String /dev/cd0
status Error string. This field is present only if an error occurred when accessing the CD's mounted filesystem. Integer followed by string, in the format: errno (str_error(errno)) 302 (Corrupted file system detected)