Device object

The device object that cdpub writes to PPS contains the following fields:
Name Description Type Example
bus Bus type String CD
device_type Device type String with one of the following values: unknown, cdrom, or changer. cdrom
media_type Media type String with one of the following values: unknown, blank, audiocd, dvd, or cd audiocd
present_at_startup Indicates if media was present before driver handler started Boolean: 0 means the media wasn't present when the driver started; 1 means it was present 0
prevent_media_removal Indicates if media can be removed Boolean: 0 means media can be removed; 1 means it can't be removed 0
serial Device serial number reported by CD drive String whose format is device-specific FUJITSU TEN DVD-ROM DV-05FT2
slot_state Active slot mechanical state String with one of the following values: unknown, empty, loading, ready, ejecting, or ejected ready
slot_status Slot status based on sense code received from drive String in the form: key/asc/ascq. These device-specific values are reported by the CD drive and, together, convey the slot status. 0/0/0
temperature_simulation Indicates temperature value and state are simulated Integer set to 1 when temperature is simulated. Otherwise, this field isn't present. 1
temperature_state Temperature state provided by CD drive String with one of these values: unknown, normal, overtemp, undertemp, or unsupported. Which of these values can be reported depends on the device. normal
temperature_value Temperature provided by CD drive. Present only if drive can report temperature. The units depend on the driver's firmware. Integer whose range is device-specific 24