Install CSS development tools

(Optional) In addition to installing and setting up the QNX SDK for HTML5, consider downloading Compass and Sass, which are useful tools for CSS modification and development.

You can modify existing or create CSS files (.scss) that reside on your target using these tools:
  • Compass — an open-source CSS authoring framework
  • Sass — a CSS extension language, which gets installed when you install Compass

Before you install Compass or Sass, you must have Ruby installed on your host computer. On Linux, you can use rbenv and RVM to install Ruby. But, if you are using a Windows host, you can use RubyInstaller or pik.

To install Compass and Sass and create Compass project files:

  1. Type one of the following commands to install Compass and Sass:
    • On Windows, type gem install compass.
    • On Linux, type sudo gem install compass.
  2. To verify that compass was installed, type compass version. If your installation was successful, a version number is returned.
  3. Navigate to your project or working directory. You can add Compass project files to your working directory by typing compass init.

After you complete the steps above, you should see a file called config.rb in your working directory. You can use the config.rb file to configure the output for your project. For more information about configuring Compass, see the Compass Configuration Reference.

You may also find the following information useful for learning more about Compass and Sass: