Wi-Fi configuration (wpa_pps)

PPS interface for Wi-Fi configuration


wpa_pps [-A addr:port] [-c file] [-D library] [-d]
        [-h path] -i iface [iface1 [iface2]...] 
        [-j ap_iface] [-P script] [-p path] [-r sec]
        [-S script] [-s] &   

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-A addr:port
Proxy to publish when proxy authentication is required.
-c file
Specify configuration file (default: /etc/wpa_pps.conf).
-D library
Load a library with direct access to the driver.
Enable debug messages (to stdout).
-h path
Specify the path and name of the binary to execute when configured for Access Point mode. For example: -h /usr/sbin/hostapd_ti18xx.
-i iface [iface1 [iface2]...]
Specify the Wi-Fi interface to use. This must be the last argument on the command line. Note that you can specify an optional prioritized list of interfaces (e.g., for multi-homed operation, preference of default routes).
-j ap_iface
Specify the Access Point (AP) interface to use.
-P script
Specify the script to run for updating proxy settings.
-p path
Specify the path for the wpa_supplicant control interface (e.g., /var/run/wpa_supplicant).
-r sec
Specify the number of seconds between updates of the connected network's RSSI (default: 10). To never do any updates, specify -1.
-S script
Specify the script to run for updating the RSSI.
Run in simulation mode; that is, run without a Wi-Fi.


The wpa_pps service provides an interface for configuring Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) connections. For information about QNX support for networking, see the Networking Architecture chapter in the System Architecture Guide.

For details about the configuration changes you can make through wpa_pps, see the relevant PPS object descriptions:

Configuration file:

The wpa_pps service uses the /etc/wpa_pps.conf configuration file. To configure WPA behavior, edit the parameters in this plain-text file.