Call status attributes (public)

Phone service
Clients of the phone service. The attributes of /pps/services/phone/public/calls/call_id are public and are also published to /pps/services/phone/private/calls/call_id.


Attribute Data type Values Description
callstate String
One of:
  • unknown—the call is in an unknown state
  • incoming—there is an incoming call
  • connecting—the call is connecting
  • remote_ringing—the remote side is ringing
  • connected—the call is connected
  • disconnected—the call is disconnected
  • failed—the call failed
The state of the call.
calltype String
One of:
  • incoming—incoming call
  • outgoing—outgoing call
  • emergency—emergency call
The type of call.
line_id String A string representation of the line. The line used to make the call (the currently supported value is cellular).