IDs for UICC Elementary Files

The following table lists the IDs for UICC elementary files (EF).

Note: The availability of the specific EF is based on the actual SIM contents.
Elementary file ID Description
EF_ICCID Unique identification number for the SIM.
EF_LP User's preferred languages in priority order.
EF_IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity.
EF_KC Ciphering key and ciphering key sequence.
EF_PLMN_SEL User's preferred PLMNs in priority order.
EF_HPLMN Interval of time beween searches for the HPLMN.
EF_ACM_MAX Maximum value for the accumulated call meter.
EF_SST SIM service table (indicates which services are allocated and activated).
EF_ACM Accumulated call meter.
EF_GID1 SIM level 1 group identifier.
EF_GID2 SIM level 2 group identifier.
EF_SPN Service provider name.
EF_PUCT Price-per-unit and currency table.
EF_CBMI Specifies type of content for cell broadcast messages.
EF_BCCH Broadcast control channel information.
EF_ACC Assigned access control class(es).
EF_FPLMN Contains coding for four forbidden PLMNs.
EF_LOCI Location information.
EF_AD Contains administrative data concerning SIM's mode of operation.
EF_PHASE Information concerning the SIM's phase.
EF_ADN Abbreviated dialing numbers and/or supplementary service control strings.
EF_FDN Fixed dialing numbers and/or supplementary service control strings.
EF_SMS Short messages.
EF_CCP Capability configuration parameters.
EF_MSISDN MSISDN(s) related to the subscriber.
EF_SMSP Short message service parameters.
EF_SMSS Short message service status information.
EF_LND Last number dialed.
EF_EXT1 Extension data for an ADN/SSC, MSISDN, or an LND.
EF_EXT2 Extension data for an FDN/SSC.
EF_CPS Phase 1 elementary file; not used in phase 2 SIMs.
EF_ELP Contains Extended Language Priority data.
EF_VGCS List of group ID(s) for user-subscribed voice call group service(s).
EF_VGCSS Activation status for VGCS group identifiers.
EF_VBS List of group ID(s) for user-subscribed voice broadcast service(s).
EF_VBSS Activation status for VBS group identifiers.
EF_EMLPP Information about priority levels and first call
EF_AAEM Priority levels of eMLPP that mobile station will auto answer.
EF_CBMID Cell Broadcast Message Identifier for Data Downlad.
EF_ECC Contains up to five emergency call codes.
EF_CBMIR Contains ranges of cell broadcast message identifiers the MS should accept.
EF_DCK De-personalization control keys.
EF_CNL Co-perative network list.
EF_NIA Network's indication of alerting.
EF_SDN Special service numbers and/or supplementary service control strings.
EF_EXT3 Extension data for an SDN.
EF_BDN Barred dialing numbers and/or supplementary service control strings.
EF_EXT4 Extension data for a BDN/SSC.
EF_SMSR Short message status reports.
EF_CPHS_VMWF Voice message waiting flag,
EF_CPHS_CFF Call forwarding flag.
EF_CPHS_ON Operator name string.
EF_CPHS_CSP Customer service profile.
EF_CPHS_INFO Contains CPHS phase of the SIM and allocated CPHS specified services.
EF_CPHS_MN Dialing numbers to use for retrieval from mailboxes.
EF_CPHS_ONS Shortform of the operator name string.
EF_CPHS_INFO_NUM Information numbers.
EF_CPHS_INFO_NUM_OLD Information numbers, old format.
EF_KC_GPRS GPRS ciphering key and ciphering key sequence number.
EF_LOCI_GPRS GPRS location information.
EF_OPL Operator PLMN list.
EF_PNN PLMN network name.
EF_HZ_PARAMETERS Home zone definition parameters.
EF_HZ_CACHE1 Home zone cell cache for zone ID 1.
EF_HZ_CACHE2 Home zone cell cache for zone ID 2.
EF_HZ_CACHE3 Home zone cell cache for zone ID 3.
EF_HZ_CACHE4 Home zone cell cache for zone ID 4.
EF_MWIS Message-waiting indication status.
EF_PLMNW_ACT Preferred PLMNs of the user in priority order.
EF_OPLMNW_ACT Preferred PLMNs of the operator in priority order.
EF_HPLMNW_ACT Access Technology for the HPLMN in priority order.
EF_CPBCCH CPBCCH information.
EF_INVSCAN Investigation PLMN Scan.
EF_APP_SERVICE_TBL Enable/disable applications for Cingular.
EF_TERMINAL_SUPP_TBL Indicates what applications terminal supports.
EF_SCAN_CTRL_DATA LAI ranges that scans are to be disabled within.
EF_NET_SEL_MENU_CTRL_TBL Network selection menu control table.
EF_ACTING_HPLMN Contains the acting HPLMN.
EF_PL New name for EF_ELP (Extended Language Priority data)
EF_MBDN Mailbox dialling numbers
EF_MBI Mailbox identifier
EF_CFIS Call forwarding indication status
EF_EXT6 Extension data for MBDN
EF_EXT7 Extension data for CFIS
EF_SPDI Service provider display information
EF_MMSN MMS Notification
EF_EXT8 Extension data for MMSN
EF_MMSICP MMS issuer connectivity parameters
EF_MMSUP MMS user preferences
EF_MMSUCP MMS user connectivity preferences
EF_SAI SoLSA access indicator
EF_MEXE_ST MExE service table
EF_ORPK Operator root public key
EF_ARPK Administrator root public key
EF_TPRPK Third party root public key
EF_ECCP Extended capability configuration parameters
EF_SUME Setup Menu Elements
EF_CMI Comparison method information
EF_IMG Image
EF_UST USIM service table (indicates which services are allocated, and activated)
EF_EST Enabled Services Table (indicates which services are allocated, and activated)
EF_LI Language Indication
EF_PBR Phone Book Reference
EF_IAP1 Index Administration Phonebook (ADN1)
EF_IAP2 Index Administration Phonebook (ADN2)
EF_IAP3 Index Administration Phonebook (ADN3)
EF_IAP4 Index Administration Phonebook (ADN4)
EF_ADN2 2nd ADN for USIM
EF_ADN3 3rd ADN for USIM
EF_ADN4 4th ADN for USIM
EF_EMAIL1 Email address (ADN1)
EF_EMAIL2 Email address (ADN2)
EF_EMAIL3 Email address (ADN3)
EF_EMAIL4 Email address (ADN4)
EF_PBC1 Phone Book Control (ADN1)
EF_PBC2 Phone Book Control (ADN2)
EF_PBC3 Phone Book Control (ADN3)
EF_PBC4 Phone Book Control (ADN4)
EF_SNE1 Secondary Name Entry (ADN1)
EF_SNE2 Secondary Name Entry (ADN2)
EF_SNE3 Secondary Name Entry (ADN3)
EF_SNE4 Secondary Name Entry (ADN4)
EF_ANR1_A 1st Additional Number (ADN1)
EF_ANR1_B 2nd Additional Number (ADN1)
EF_ANR1_C 3rd Additional Number (ADN1)
EF_ANR1_D 4th Additional Number (ADN1)
EF_ANR2_A 1st Additional Number (ADN2)
EF_ANR2_B 2nd Additional Number (ADN2)
EF_ANR2_C 3rd Additional Number (ADN2)
EF_ANR2_D 4rd Additional Number (ADN2)
EF_ANR3_A 1st Additional Number (ADN3)
EF_ANR3_B 2nd Additional Number (ADN3)
EF_ANR3_C 3rd Additional Number (ADN3)
EF_ANR3_D 4th Additional Number (ADN3)
EF_ANR4_A 1st Additional Number (ADN4)
EF_ANR4_B 2nd Additional Number (ADN4)
EF_ANR4_C 3rd Additional Number (ADN4)
EF_ANR4_D 4th Additional Number (ADN4)
EF_RAT AT&T Radio Access Technology file. (single octet indicating the RAT configuration, 0-DM,1-2G,2-3G)
EF_GRP1 Grouping File (ADN1)
EF_GRP2 Grouping File (ADN2)
EF_GRP3 Grouping File (ADN3)
EF_GRP4 Grouping File (ADN4)
EF_AAS Additional number Alpha String
EF_GAS Group information Alpha String
EF_HIDDENKEY Key for hidden phone book entries
EF_PERSO O2 Personalisation File
EF_RST RUIM Service Table
EF_CST CSIM Service Table
EF_DOMAIN ISIM: Home network domain name
EF_IMPU ISIM: IMS Public User Identity
EF_IMPI ISIM: IMS Private User Identity
EF_PCSCF ISIM: Address of Proxy Call Session Control Function
EF_PSISMSC ISIM: Public Service Identity of the SM-SC
EF_CC CSIM Call Count
EF_IMSI_M CSIM International Mobile Subscriber Identity.
EF_IMSI_T CSIM International Mobile Subscriber Identity.
EF_TMSI CSIM TMSI (Temporary Mobile Station Identity)
EF_ANALOG_OP_PARAMS CSIM Analog operational parameters (Extended Address, Local Use Mark, Group ID)
EF_ANALOG_LOCN_AND_REGN_IND CSIM Analog location and registration indicators (NXTREG, SID, LOCAID, PUREG)
EF_ZONE_BASED_REGN_IND CSIM CDMA zone-based registration indicators
EF_SYS_REGN_IND CSIM CDMA system/network registration indicators
EF_DIST_BASED_REGN_IND CSIM CDMA distance-based registration indicators
EF_ACCOLC CSIM Access overload class
EF_CALL_TERM_MODE_PREF CSIM Call termination mode preferences
EF_SCI CSIM Suggested slot cycle index
EF_ANALOG_CHAN_PREF CSIM Analog channel preferences
EF_PRL CSIM Preferred roaming list
EF_SPC CSIM SPC (Service Programming Code)
EF_OTAPA_SPC_ENABLE CSIM Enable/disable OTAPA/SPC modification by network
EF_NAM_LOCK CSIM Locked/unlocked state of NAM
EF_OTASP_OTAPA_FEATURES CSIM List of OTASP/OTAPA features supported by the RUIM
EF_SP CSIM Service preferences
EF_ESN_ME CSIM ESN of the ME (Electronic Serial Number of the Mobile Equipment)
EF_PREF_LANG RUIM Language preference
EF_CDMA_LI CSIM Language indication
EF_CDMA_SMS CSIM Short messages
EF_CDMA_SMS_PARAMS CSIM Short message service parameters
EF_CDMA_SMS_STATUS CSIM Short message service status
EF_CDMA_SPN CDMA Service Provider Name
EF_CDMA_MDN CDMA CDMA Mobile Dialling Number
EF_CDMA_ECC CDMA CDMA emergency call codes
EF_CDMA_GID1 CDMA Group Identifier, level 1
EF_CDMA_GID2 CDMA Group Identifier, level 2
EF_LRPLMNSI USIM Last RPLMN Selection Indication
EF_EPSLOCI USIM EPS location information
EF_SF_EUIMID CSIM Short Form EUIMID (Expanded User Identity Module Identifier)
EF_EHPLMNPI USIM Equivalent HPLMN Presentation Indication
EF_PSLOCI USIM Packet Switched Location Information
EF_ICEDN USIM In Case of Emergency number - Dialing number
EF_ICEFF USIM In Case of Emergency number - Free Format
EF_ICEGRAPHICS USIM In Case of Emergency number - Image Format
EF_MLPL CSIM Multimode Location Association Priority List (MLPL)
EF_MSPL CSIM Multimode System Priority List (MSPL)
EF_IST ISIM Service Table
EF_GBABP ISIM GBA Bootstrapping parameters
EF_NAFKCA ISIM NAF key centre address
EF_UICCIARI ISIM UICC IMS Application Reference Identifier
EF_ACSGL USIM Allowed CSG Lists 3GPP TS 31.102 - - from DF_HNB (id:205)
EF_CSGT USIM CSG Type 3GPP TS 31.102 - - from DF_HNB
EF_HNBN USIM Home NodeB Name 3GPP TS 31.104 - - from DF_HNB
EF_OCSGL USIM Operator CSG Lists 3GPP TS 31.102 - - from DF_HNB
EF_OCSGT USIM Operator CSG Type 3GPP TS 31.102 - - from DF_HNB
EF_OHNBN USIM Operator Home NodeB Name 3GPP TS 31.102 - - from DF_HNB
EF_MTNPREPAY Carrier Specific - EF Path = 3F00/7FDE/1173 (ID:211)