Cellular data services (CDS) persistent status object

Cellular data service
Clients of the cellular data service


The following are the attributes published in the /pps/services/cds/cnice/status_persistent object. All attributes are read-only and are persistent. Read access to this PPS object is public. The following attributes are published to this object:

Attribute Data type Description
data_service_mode String ON or OFF. Indicates whether the data services are enabled. This attribute acts as a "master switch" for enabling and disabling data services. If OFF, no data connections are allowed; if ON, data connections are allowed (subject to data roaming rules).
data_roaming_mode String Indicates how data connectivity is managed when the device is in data roaming mode:
  • ON—the data connection will remain on even while data roaming.
  • OFF—the data connections will be closed while data roaming.
  • PROMPT—CDSC will close data connections upon entering data roaming mode, but will allow external entities to re-enable data services. For example, the UI could re-enable the data services in response to the user's reply to a prompt.