QWF Cellular Voice

The QWF Cellular Voice runtime module contains the components that provide phone services, and all the audio services and drivers needed to support phone functionality. This module exposes PPS objects for sending commands that start and stop phone calls (including eCalls) and for reading the phone status.

The voice module components span the service layer, radio libraries, and resource layer. At this last layer, the module uses the same Cellular Resource Manager as QWF Data, in addition to other audio resources.

The QWF Cellular Voice module exposes a group of audio-related PPS objects:

PPS API Directory Path QWF Voice Services
Phone /pps/services/phone
  • Phone services
  • Audio manager
  • Audio drivers

Apps and Media Audio Resources

The audio manager service routes audio streams that carry the voice traffic in active calls to an output device (e.g., a speaker, a headphone jack) on the target. This service and the drivers it uses are part of the Apps and Media platform, so no additional license is required to use them.

With this design, QWF offers a common interface for implementing phone services and abstracts the details of handling audio streams, so applications can use the same commands to manage calls, regardless of the modem type used.