QWF Runtime Modules

QWF functionality is made available in runtime modules, which contain related controls that support voice or data communication services. This design allows for flexible licensing based on customer requirements.

The QWF modules (and licenses) required for wireless communication are:

QWF Data
Contains controls for accessing SIM data, handling SMS messages, configuring cellular connectivity, and exchanging data over cellular networks.
The QWF data components use Apps and Media networking resources to support wireless data. These resources include the Network Manager, which provides a PPS front-end for configuring network interfaces.
QWF Cellular Voice
Offers phone services, including eCall.
The QWF Cellular Voice components use Apps and Media audio resources to provide voice support. Specifically, they use the Audio Manager to route audio streams and control volume.

The QWF runtime modules span all architectural layers except for the QNX Neutrino layer, which interacts with hardware in the same way when supporting voice or data services. The figure below provides a detailed view of the QWF architecture:

Figure 1. QWF and Apps and Media components used for wireless communication