QWF Data

The QWF Data runtime module contains the base product, which exposes PPS controls to connect to cellular networks and to read their status, manage cellular modems, and exchange wireless data. To use any QWF services, you must purchase the license for this module.

The components in this module span the service, radio libraries, and resource layers. At the resource layer, the Cellular Resource Manager (CRM) supports both AT and proprietary vendor command sets for cellular modems. Together, the top three layers translate requests sent through the PPS API into modem commands that are delivered to the hardware drivers.

To support Wi-Fi, the wpa_pps and tetherman services are included in the QWF Data license. These other services use the WPA supplicant, which is part of the QNX Neutrino layer.

The QWF Data module contains groups of related PPS objects that each interact with specific services:

PPS API Directory Path(s) QWF Data Services
SimCard Info /pps/services/cellular/uicc/card0
  • UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) Management
Message Handler


  • SMS (Short Message Service)
Cellular Radio and Network Info /pps/services/cellular/radioctrl
  • Radio Control and Status
Cellular Data Interface /pps/services/cds/cnice
  • CNICE (Cellular Network Interface Controller)
  • BM (Bearer Management)
  • CDSC (Cellular Data Service Controller)
  • IO-PKT cellular driver
Wi-Fi /pps/services/wifi
  • WLAN Manager



  • Tether Manager

Apps and Media Networking Resources

The QWF data components use the net_pps service to communicate with the io-pkt stack, which processes packets. The net_pps service is part of the Apps and Media platform and provides PPS objects for managing network interfaces and for reading information such as proxy addresses and the names of active interfaces.