Cellular Examples

To use QWF cellular services, you can write commands to PPS objects to request actions such as turning on the modem or initiating a phone call. You can also read cellular information (e.g., signal strength) from PPS. We provide several basic cellular use cases, in which we interact with PPS objects and also examine the debug output of QWF processes.

In these examples, we send commands to control objects and read information from status objects. For details on the commands supported by specific control objects and the attributes published in specific status objects, see the QWF PPS Objects Reference. We also show output from the QNX command-logging utility, slog2info, which contains debug strings that are logged by QWF processes to report the outcome of cellular operations.

For details of log prints, you may refer to the sample file found at:


This document contains a subset of prints related to the QWF Service Layer and Resource Layer. These prints can be seen in the slog2 buffer. All prints listed in the file contain a QWF_TR tag, for easy filtering and searching. Note that the slog2 buffer also contains many other log prints, but the QWF_TR-tagged prints are an important subset of the logging information that allows you to trace the success or failure of cellular use cases.