Building a Jacinto 6 target image

These instructions describe how to build a QWF target image for Jacinto 6 Vayu EVM target platforms.

Before building your target image, you should understand the available scripts and configuration files, and prepare your working environment, as described in "Building a target image" in the QNX SDK for Apps and Media Getting Started guide.

To build your own QWF target image for Jacinto 6 Vayu EVM target platforms, on your host system:

  1. Set up the environment variables for the QNX SDP, and the development environment for QNX Apps and Media:


    # source base_dir/



    where base_dir is the directory where you installed QNX SDP 6.6.

  2. Set the QNX_QT environment variable to the location of the Qt runtime on your host system:


    export QNX_QT=qt_base_dir/QNX-qt/Qt-5.3.1-armle-v7


    set QNX_QT=qt_base_dir\QNX-qt\Qt-5.3.1-armle-v7

    where qt_base_dir is the directory where you installed Qt.

  3. Extract a BSP, then copy the files from the /prebuilt directory to the directory structure referenced by $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE. We'll refer to the location where you extracted the BSP as bsp_dir:

    cd bsp_dir
    cp -r prebuilt/* $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/target/boards/jacinto6evm/
    • The prebuilt directory provides the default BSP content built by QNX. If you have made changes to the BSP or SDP that requires rebuilding the BSP, after rebuilding the BSP, copy the contents of the install directory (instead of the prebuilt directory) to $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/target/boards/jacinto6evm/.
    • The BSP contains a *.build file in the prebuilt/armle-v7/boot/build/ directory. This file is used for building standard BSPs. It isn't needed for the generation of Apps and Media IFS files; you can ignore or remove this file.

      To modify the IFS generated for an Apps and Media target image, modify the build files under deployment/infra/boards/jacinto6evm/ifs.

      For more information, see "IFS file" in the QNX SDK for Apps and Media Getting Started guide.

      For more information about extracting BSPs and where to copy the files, see "Board Support Packages (BSPs)" in the QNX SDK for Apps and Media Getting Started guide.

  4. From the BSP directory, run make, then from the /images subdirectory, run mkflashimage to generate an IPL:


    cd bsp_dir
    cd bsp_dir/images


    cd bsp_dir
    cd bsp_dir\images
    sh mkflashimage

    The mkflashimage utility script is shipped in the BSP. It creates the IPL as the following binary file:

  5. Copy the IPL to the sd-boot directory:

    cp bsp_dir/images/ipl-dra74x-vayu-evm.bin
  6. Create an output directory where you want to have the image generated:
    mkdir output_dir
  7. From the $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/utils/scripts/ directory, run the following command to generate a system image file (.img):

    Linux: -P QWF -o output_dir jacinto6evm.ext -f


    mksysimage.bat -P QWF -o output_dir jacinto6evm.ext -f

    where output_dir is the location of the new image.

You should now have an image file (.img) ready to write to an SD card so you can transfer it to your target. For instructions, see "Transferring an image to a target."