Source code for sample Qt apps

The QNX SDK for Apps and Media installers include a zipped folder ( containing the source code for many sample Qt apps. These apps provide programming references for implementing functions such as media playback, photo viewing, and displaying an HMI that lists the installed apps.

The installers copy the Qt source code package to the source directory within the root directory of the QNX SDP 6.6 installation (e.g., /usr/qnx660/source/ You can extract the files containing the Qt source code to any location and examine their contents; however, you can't modify or rebuild the sample apps without installing and configuring the Qt development tools as described in this document.

The sample apps are:

Home screen
An HMI, built from Qt, that displays a status bar and the icons of the installed apps, which users can tap to launch those apps
IP Camera
Displays a video feed supplied by an RTP/IP-based camera
Media Player
Browses and plays audio and video content
Photo Viewer
Displays picture files
A basic HMI written as a stand-alone application with no packaging
Provides controls to configure the system

These same Qt apps are part of the shipped images but only their binaries and runtime resources (e.g., icon files) are included in the images. When you extract the Qt source code package on your host system, each sample app listed above is found in a directory with the same name. There's also the Common directory, which stores classes useful to many types of apps.