Uploading the binary to the target

You can specify the target path for installing the HMI binary and upload the binary from Qt Creator.

To define the target path and upload the binary:
  1. Edit the QtHmi.pro file to add the following lines:
    # The installation location of files on the target
    target.path = /tmp/QtHmi
    INSTALLS += target
    These lines tell Qt Creator where to upload files on the target.

    At this point, the project file should look like this:

  2. Verify the upload location by:
    1. Switching to the Project tab by clicking its icon on the left side.
    2. Selecting the Run Settings page by clicking its tab towards the top of the Build & Run display.
    3. Under the Deployment section, the Files to deploy box should have an entry that lists the correct build path on the host and /tmp/QtHmi as the remote directory.
  3. Switch back to the Edit tab. From the menu bar, choose Build > Deploy Project "QtHmi".
    This uploads the binary to the target.
Note: Running the application from Qt Creator will automatically deploy the binary if it has changed since the last deployment.