Configuring the runtime environment

Before running the HMI on the target, we recommend setting the QQNX_PHYSICAL_SCREEN_SIZE environment variable. This variable defines the application display dimensions, to ensure that the HMI fits the target's display.

If this variable isn't set, the application will still run but you'll receive an stdout warning and the application might not display correctly; see "Environment Variables" for more information.
To configure the runtime environment:
  1. Click the Project icon on the left side to access the Build & Run settings.
  2. Click the Run tab to switch to the Run Settings page.
  3. Scroll down to find the Run Environment heading, then expand the Use System Environment entry.
  4. Click the Add button on the right side to add an environment variable.
  5. Set the variable name to QQNX_PHYSICAL_SCREEN_SIZE and the value to the display dimensions, in millimeters, of your target.

    The value you specify must contain the display width and height, separated by a comma. For example, when using a 150 mm by 90 mm display, enter 150,90.

The target runtime environment is now configured to display the HMI.