Running the app

After you've unpackaged the app's BAR file on the target, you can run the app from the target HMI.

To run the app on the target:
  1. Access the Home screen in the HMI.

    You should see a new icon, labelled Qt App displayed with the other icons:

  2. Tap the Qt App icon to launch the app.

    QtApp launches. You should see the app's basic UI, consisting of the "Hello World" message:

    If you specify a splashscreen image with the <splashscreen> tag in the app descriptor file, the splashscreen is displayed while the app loads. After it loads, the app displays its initial window based on any properties specified in the <initialWindow> tag, within the physical area defined by the QQNX_PHYSICAL_SCREEN_SIZE environment variable (also set in the app descriptor file).