App permissions

Using the <permission> element in the app descriptor file, you can list the permissions you want the OS to grant your app.

Note: The permissions listed here are those that apply to Qt apps. Other app types (e.g., Android) may have different permissions.

For Qt app decriptor files, each <permission> element can define of the following one permissions:

Permission element value Description
access_internet Allows the app to use an Internet connection from a Wi-Fi, wired, or other connection. This permission is required to access a nonlocal destination.
access_location_services Grants the app access to the system's current location and any saved access locations. You must set this permission to access geolocation data, information for geofencing, cell tower information, and Wi-Fi data.
access_shared Allows the app to read and write files shared between all apps. When this permission is set, the app can access pictures, music, documents, and other files stored on the local system, at a remote storage provider, on a media card, or in the cloud.
configure_system Enables the app to modify system settings, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, network connection, and software update settings.
manage_cert Grants the app access to browser certificates. This is needed to browse content using HTTPS and to save certificates locally.
post_notification Allows the app to post notifications. This permission doesn't require the user to grant your app access and is granted by the OS when requested.
read_device_identifying_information Grants the app access to unique system identifiers such as the PIN and serial number. By setting this permission, you can also access SIM card information.
record_audio Grants the app access to the audio stream from a microphone attached to the system.
set_audio_volume Allows the app to control the audio volume.
use_camera Allows the app to access data from cameras attached to the system. This permission is required to take pictures, record video, and use the camera flash.
use_installer Enables the app to access the appinst-mgr native service, which provides access to the install and uninstall mechanism.