Input configuration

You can attach an input to the context by naming the URL of a track or playlist on a media device or in the local filesystem. The acceptable URL formats vary with the input type. For some formats, you can include parameters in the URL string, to specify settings such as the sampling rate for audio capture devices.

A context can have only one input; if you call mmr_input_attach() once to attach an input and then call it later to attach a new input without having called mmr_input_detach(), the first input gets detached when the second one is attached.

With mmr_input_parameters(), you can instruct mm-renderer to repeat playback of a single track or many tracks in sequence. For inputs that use the Audio Manager service, you can specify audio stream characteristics. For HTTP-based inputs, you can configure settings for cookies, proxy servers, and authentication credentials.

Finally, for playlists, you can override any of the input parameters (except the repeat setting) for individual tracks within the playlist by calling mmr_track_parameters().