Cordova PPS Demo

The Cordova PPS Demo app is a reference HTML5 sample that demonstrates how to use the Persistent Publish/Subscribe (PPS) service in an HTML5 application.

The app also demonstrates how to restrict access to a PPS object. You can use this sample to:

To start the application, tap Cordova PPS Demo on the Home screen. The app stores values in a PPS object as key-value pairs that you can retrieve across system restarts. After the app starts for the first time, you might see a value of NULL. However, after you've added entries to the PPS object, the key-value pair that you last entered appears.

To add a key-value pair, you tap and type values in the KEY and VALUE boxes, and then tap Save. For example, you can type abc for the key and then 123 for the value. When you tap the Save button, the app saves the key-value pairs in a PPS object called /pps/qnx/demo.

To further demonstrate the sharing of information with another process or application, if you connect to your target with a serial connection, you can execute the command echo xyz::123 >> /pps/qnx/demo and see the key-value pair appear in the green box above the KEY box. You can also look at the /etc/authman/sys.acl and /etc/authman/sys.res files to understand how the Authorization Manager (authman) is used to control access to the PPS object.

Location on the reference image: