QDB parses this object to set up a database

Any app


The /pps/qnx/qdb/config/ directory contains PPS objects that configure databases. When an object is copied into this directory, QDB parses the object and attempts to load the database with the same name. For example, when an app writes the /pps/qnx/qdb/config/bluetoothdb object, QDB attempts to load the bluetoothdb database.

Configuration parameters

Each configuration object specifies the database's storage and schema files and its policy settings such as backups and auto-attachment of other databases. The required syntax and the meanings of the supported parameters are given in the "Database configuration objects" section of the QDB Developer's Guide.

Parameter Description
AutoAttach Specifies other databases to attach to the current one (using the SQL ATTACH DATABASE statement).
BackupAttached Lists attached databases that are to be backed up whenever the main database is.
BackupDir Specifies the directories for storing database backups. These directories must exist when the database is loaded.
BackupVia Specifies an interim directory to copy the database to before backing it up. QDB locks the database during the backup, so this setting lets you make an interim copy to reduce the amount of time that the database is locked.
ClientSchemaFile Names the file (with an absolute path) that contains the SQL commands to run whenever a client calls qdb_connect().
Collation Installs user-provided collation (sorting) routines.
Compression Specifies the compression algorithm to apply to backups. Options:
  • none (default)
  • lzo
  • bzip
  • diocopy (direct I/O copy uisng DMA)
CompressionVia Used with BackupVia and any Compression setting specified. The default is false. Set this to true if you want QDB to compress the database before backing it up.
DataSchemaFile Names the file (with an absolute path) that contains the SQL commands to populate a database when it's created. This setting is processed only if SchemaFile is set.

Names the database storage (i.e., raw SQLite) file. This must be an absolute path but it can refer to any location.

This setting is required.

Function Installs user scalar/aggregate functions.
SchemaFile Names the file (with an absolute path) that contains the SQL commands to create the initial schema of tables, indexes, and views for the database.
SizeAttached Lists attached databases for which size information is to be retrieved whenever it's requested for the main database.
VacuumAttached Lists attached databases that are to be vacuumed whenever the main database is.