The Audio Manager uses this object to reflect the status of audio devices

Audio Manager
Any app


Attribute Data type Description
audio.mode String Current audio mode:
  • audio
  • record
  • video
  • voice
hpboostlevel Number Headphone boost level.
hpoutput.regulated Boolean Indicates whether the headphone output volume is limited by regulations (e.g., the setting may be made 100% by an app, but the regulation limits the volume to 90%). This field is true when headphone is the default routing path.
hpoutput.unregulatedlevel Number The unregulated volume setting (e.g., 100%), which may differ from the actual volume (e.g., 90%).
hpoverride Boolean Indicates whether audio-boost is on.
hpoverride.supported Boolean Indicates whether audio-boost override is supported.
hpunsafelevel Number Unsafe volume level for headphones.
hpunsafezone Boolean Unsafe volume range for headphones.
hpunsafezone.supported Boolean Indicates whether the unsafe volume range is supported.
input.device.gain Number Hardware codec digital gain (in percent) for this device.
input.device.muted Boolean Indicates whether the input is muted for this device.
input.gain Number Input gain (in percent).
input.muted Boolean Indicates whether the input is muted.
output.available Boolean Indicates whether a device is selected as the default.
output.device.muted Boolean Indicates whether the output is muted for this device.
output.device.volume String Output gain (in percent) for this device.