These instructions describe how to build a QNX Apps and Media target image which you can use in VMware on your computer.

Before building your target image, you should understand the available scripts and configuration files, and prepare your working environment, as described in "Setting up."

To build your own QNX Apps and Media target image for VMware, on your host system:

  1. Set up the environment variables for the QNX SDP, and the development environment for QNX Apps and Media:


    # source base_dir/qnx660-env.sh



    where base_dir is the directory where you installed the QNX SDP 6.6.

  2. Set the QNX_QT environment variable to the location of the Qt runtime on your host system:


    export QNX_QT=qt_base_dir/QNX-qt/Qt-5.3.1-x86


    set QNX_QT=qt_base_dir\QNX-qt\Qt-5.3.1-x86
  3. Create an output directory where you want to have the image generated:
    mkdir output_dir
  4. From the $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/utils/scripts/ directory, run mksysimage.sh (Linux) or mksysimage.bat (Windows) to generate a system image file (.img), using the path to the x86 IPL:

    mksysimage.sh -P AnM -o output_dir -k
        "-b base_dir/target/qnx6/x86/boot/sys/ipl-diskpc1" vmware.ext -f

    where output_dir is the location of the new image.

  5. Copy the following two files:

    • qnxAnM.vmx
    • vmware-qnxAnM.vmdk



    into the same directory as the .img file.

You should now be able to launch a VMware session and open the qnxAnM.vmx file to launch QNX Apps and Media.