About reference images

A reference image is a convenient way to install a complex system on a target board.

A QNX Apps and Media reference image (which is stored as a .img file) contains the entire system from the Initial Program Loader (IPL) to the user applications. It also includes the BSP and the startup code for its targeted platform, and all the filesystems, libraries, resource managers, and other components, such as Qt runtime, needed to run a QNX Apps and Media system. As well, it includes a collection of HTML5 and Qt demo apps, which you can launch from the Home screen. For more information about these demo apps, see the QNK SDK for Apps and Media User's Guide.

You can transfer a reference image directly to a removable storage medium, such as an SD card or USB key, without having to modify partition information. Once the image is on the removable medium, you can simply insert the SD card or USB key into your target system, and boot.

To get started with a QNX for Apps and Media system, all you need to do is:

  1. Download a platform-specific reference image to your host system.
  2. Transfer the reference image to a removable storage medium.
  3. Insert the removable medium with the target image into your target platform, and boot from this image.