Adding and modifying filesets

You can add new filesets, and new groups and users to existing filesets.

Note: You need to ensure that all files you want to include in an image are added to filesets.

Adding a new fileset

To add a new fileset to an image:

  1. Determine which partition the fileset belongs to (e.g., /base).
  2. In the basefs.fileset_name_to_create.xml file, add the following lines:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <fileset name="basefs.appsandmedia.fileset_name">
  3. Add any files or symbolic links (symlinks) that you require. For information about adding symbolic links, see "Adding symbolic links."
  4. Ensure that you terminate the file with the tag </fileset>.
  5. Add the new fileset to a profile file, such as os.xml or dos-variant.xml.

Adding new groups and users to a fileset

The groups.xml and users.xml files are the configuration files specific to filesets. When you want to add a new group and/or user, you must update the groups.xml and/or user.xml file located in $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/filesets/config.

Before you can reference a user (uid) or group (gid) in a fileset, those entries must exist in the appropriate file.

To add a new group, enter a <group> element as follows:

<group name="my_group" gid="511"/>

To add a new user, enter a <user> element as follows:

<user name="some_user" uid="900" gid="511"/ home="/some_destination
 shell="/bin fullname="some_name"/>

Any new user or group must be added to the corresponding .xml file; otherwise, the image generation process will fail.

Some gid values are reserved. See the comments in groups.xml for the number ranges that are reserved.