The QNX Apps and Media directory structure

It is important to understand the directory structure used in the QNX SDK for Apps and Media. You need to know where components are located when you create your target image.

The deployment tree

After it has been set, the QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE environment variable references the deployment directory. This directory has two branches:

Contains files that determine what goes into an image (the configuration files used to generate an image).
Contains the binaries, libraries, and configuration files that may be included in a target image.

Both infra and target have subdirectories, as shown in the figure below.

Figure 1. The directory structure for an Apps and Media image.

The files in the deployment subdirectories must be listed in a fileset to be included in the image. If a file goes on a target, use $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/target/. If a file is not part of a target image, use the directory structure located under $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/.