Changing file destinations

When a file's location in the host's $QNX_TARGET directory structure is different from its location on the target, you can set a new destination for it on the target.

To do this, you can modify a fileset to specify a different destination on the target system. In most cases, you would organize files on the host exaclty as they will be organized on the target. However, the Qt runtime directory structure on the host is not the same as the directory structure required for the target, so this feature is useful for working with Qt runtime.


Files on the target that are not in the same path as on the host system add a level of complexity to your system. We recommend using this feature only if strcitly required, such as for Qt runtime.

Unless otherwise specified, these instructions assume a Linux host. If you are working on a Windows host, run the commands in the bash shell

To change the destination of files:

  1. Navigate to where the filesets are located:

    cd $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/filesets
  2. Open one of the filesets that you wish to modify in an editor (e.g.,base.common.qt.xml).
  3. For a file element, add "dest"= and specify a valid location:


    For example, to set an alternative destination for Qt, you might add the following for dest:

    <file name="lib/"
            uid="root" gid="nto" mode="0755"/>
  4. Save the file.
  5. Generate the image. For instructions, see "Building a target image."

The new location for the file will be used for the file on the target.