Changing image and partition sizes

To change the size of your target image or partitions, you must modify a variant-specific configuration file.

The file that you must modify is: $QNX_DEPLOYMENT_WORKSPACE/infra/product/AnM/boards/platform/mksysimage/platform-image_variant.cfg

Note: For x86 platforms, you should note the following when creating partitions:

Calculating the maximum size of a target image

To calculate the total size of the image, you must multiply the values given in the [disk] section of the configuration file:

   x sectors_per_track
   x cylinders
   x sector_size
 total maximum size of image
Note: The disk section doesn't specify a partition, but provides important size information and must appear at the top of the configuration file, before any partitions are specified.

For the OMAP5432 example for the sd variant, the maximum size of the image is 3.9 GB (3.63 GB actual) and is calculated as follows:

     64 heads
   x 32 sectors_per_track
   x 3724 cylinders
   x 512 sector_size
 3904897024 bytes for a total of 3.63 GB for the total maximum size 
 of the image


  • The total size of all partitions can't exceed the total size of the image.
  • The maximum number of heads is 255.
  • The maximum number of sectors_per_track is 63.

Calculating the size of a partition

The size of a partition in the example above is calculated as follows:

heads x sectors_per_track x cylinders = number_of_sectors
number_of_sectors x sector_size = partition size
64 x 32 x 3724 = 7626752
7626752 x 512 = 3904897024 bytes

Therefore, the size of the partition is 3724 MB.