WebLauncher webview APIs

Every HTML5 app has its own WebView. A WebView is a view that's rendered by the web engine to display an app. The browser engine provides a set of core classes that you can use to display web content in a window. By default, the browser engine implements the most basic functionality of a browser, such as the ability to follow links and to download and display content. You can use the engine's functionality at the most basic level to display web content in your app or you can use APIs to create your own full-featured, customized, web-based app.

The QNX SDK for Apps and Media provides a multiprocess architecture that allows for multiple WebViews to share a common engine instance or run in their own engine instance. Trusted apps are run "in process", sharing a web engine instance. Other apps are run "out of process", protected from each other by process boundaries, each with their own web engine instance. You can implement each WebView with a separate JavaScript application framework, such as jQuery or Sencha Touch.

The following WebLauncher webview APIs are available for you to implement your own browser chrome: