Set and use breakpoints

  1. Click the Sources icon on the toolbar to display the Sources panel.
  2. In the line gutter of the document pane, click the line where you want to set a breakpoint. A breakpoint marker appears in the line gutter and the new breakpoint is added to the Breakpoints pane, identified by the script filename and line number. The execution of the script pauses at the specified breakpoint.
  3. Perform any of the following actions:
    • To continue the execution of the script beyond the current breakpoint, click the Continue button in the Sources panel toolbar.
    • To display the line of code associated with the breakpoint in the documents pane, click the breakpoint entry in the Breakpoints pane. The document pane displays and highlights the associated line.
    • To disable a single breakpoint without removing it, in the Breakpoints pane, uncheck the breakpoint. The execution of the script no longer pauses at the disabled breakpoint.
    • To deactivate or activate all the breakpoints listed in the Breakpoints pane without removing them, toggle the breakpoint activation switch at the right side of the Scripts panel toolbar.
    • To remove a breakpoint, locate and click the breakpoint marker in the line gutter of the document pane. The marker no longer appears in the line gutter and the breakpoint is removed from the Breakpoints pane.