HTML5 elements

The SDK lets you use HTML5 elements in your apps. For details about these elements, see the following W3Schools references:

Element Description
HTML5 Audio Represents a sound or audio stream.
HTML5 Canvas Provides a container for JavaScript to draw graphics on a webpage.
HTML5 Geolocation Scripts use this object to programmatically determine the location information associated with the hosting device.
HTML5 Web Storage (localStorage) Provides functions to access a list of key/value pairs for local storage objects (i.e., objects that persist after a browser session has ended).
HTML5 Web Storage (sessionStorage) Lets you save a large amount of key/value pairs and text for session storage objects (i.e., objects that are valid only for the current browser session).
HTML5 Video Represents a video or video stream.
HTML5 Web Workers Allows JavaScript code to be executed in a background thread.