Data interpretation (e.g., traceprinter)

To aid in processing the binary trace event data, we provide the libtraceparser library. The API functions let you set up a series of functions that are called when complete buffer slots of event data have been received/read from the raw binary event stream.

We also provide a linear trace event printer (traceprinter) that outputs all of the trace events ordered linearly by their timestamp as they're emitted by the kernel. This utility uses the libtraceparser library. You can also use the API to create an interface to do the following offline or in real time:

The traceparser library provides an API for parsing and interpreting the trace events that are stored in the event file. The library simplifies the parsing and interpretation process by letting you easily:

For more information, see the Interpreting Trace Data chapter in this guide, as well as the entry for traceprinter in the Utilities Reference.