Running the app

After you've unpackaged the app's BAR file on the target, you can run the app from the Apps Section screen in the target HMI.

To run the app on the target:
  1. Switch to the Apps Section screen in the HMI.

    You should see the QtApp icon displayed in the list of installed apps:

  2. Tap the QtApp icon to launch the app.

    QtApp launches. You should see the app's basic UI, consisting of the "Hello World" message:

    If you specify a splashscreen image with the <splashscreen> tag in the app descriptor file, the splashscreen is displayed while the app loads. After it loads, the app displays its initial window based on any properties you configured in the <initialWindow> tag, within the physical area defined by the mandatory QQNX_PHYSICAL_SCREEN_SIZE environment variable (also set in the app descriptor file).