Create an Object representing a PPS object.


#include <qpps/object.h>

explicit Object( const QString &path, 
                 PublicationMode mode = 
                 bool create = false,
                 QObject *parent = 0 );


The path of the PPS object.
The mode of interaction between the application and the PPS object (by default, PublishAndSubscribeMode).
When true, the PPS object will be created if it doesn't exist; when false, the object won't be created and an error will be set (if the object doesn't exist). By default, this setting is false.
A reference to the parent QObject. This parameter lets you link an Object to a QObject (or a subtype) so the new child object gets deleted when its parent is deleted. By default, no parent is assigned.


Create an Object representing the PPS object located at path. The constructor accepts optional arguments for specifying the PublicationMode, which indicates the direction of information flow between the application and the PPS object, and a create flag, which tells the library whether or not to create the PPS object if it doesn't exist. It also accepts an argument for a parent QObject, to link the new Object to that other QObject.