Set the player's repeat mode.


#include <qplayer/qplayer.h>

void setRepeatMode( const PlayerState::RepeatMode mode );


The new repeat mode.


Set the player's repeat mode. The repeat mode allows you to repeatedly play an individual track or a sequence of tracks.

The REPEAT_ONE mode causes the player associated with the QPlayer object to play the same track continuously until you either stop playback or skip to another track.

The REPEAT_ALL mode makes the player play all the tracks in the active tracksession and then loop back to the beginning of the tracksession. The playback order is either sequential (when shuffling is off) or random (when shuffling is on).

If the repeat mode is REPEAT_OFF, the player plays all the tracks exactly once but stops when it reaches the end of the tracksession. By default, the repeat mode is REPEAT_OFF.