Stores parameters for retrieving tracksession items.


#include <qplayer/qplayer.h>

namespace QPlayer {

    class TrackSessionItemsCommand : public BaseCommand


        explicit TrackSessionItemsCommand( int trackSessionId, 
                                           int limit = -1, 
                                           int offset = 0 );
        inline QList< MediaNode > result()
            return m_result;
        inline void setResult( QList< MediaNode > result )
            m_result = result;
        uint64_t trackSessionId() const;
        int limit() const;
        int offset() const;

        void complete( TrackSessionItemsCommand *command );

        void error( TrackSessionItemsCommand *command );





Stores parameters for retrieving tracksession items. These items are stored in a list of media nodes, each of which represents an element found in a media source. When creating a TrackSessionItemsCommand, you must define the trackSessionId parameter to identify the tracksession that you're reading. You may also define the limit and offset parameters to restrict the number of items retrieved and to specify the tracksession offset to starting reading tracks from.

The object emits a complete signal to notify clients when the library finishes filling in the list of media nodes for the tracksession items. Clients can then call the result() method to retrieve that list.

If the getTrackSessionItems() command fails, the object emits an error signal. You can then call errorMessage() to retrieve a QString describing the error.