Installing Qt Creator

Qt Creator is the IDE that you use to develop Qt apps. The IDE includes a code editor, visual debugger, and integrated UI layout and forms designer. QNX CAR 2.1 supports apps written with version 3.0 of Qt Creator.

To install Qt Creator 3.0:
  1. Download the archive file appropriate for your host system OS from to your host system.
    Note: Although Qt Creator is included in the binary packages for Qt 5.2.0, it's not necessary to install this library.
  2. Run the downloaded archive file (which is an .exe file on Windows and a .run file on Linux) and install the product according to the installer's instructions.
Qt Creator 3.0 is installed. Before you can develop Qt apps, you must configure a QNX device to represent your target system and a toolchain to define your compiler and debugger settings. The sections that follow explain how to do this.