Installing QNX QDF

QNX QDF is a collection of Qt header files, libraries, and command-line tools required for building Qt apps. All its content comes from the open-source Qt project and is prebuilt for convenience. You need to install QNX QDF before you can develop Qt apps that target QNX CAR 2.1.

To install the QNX QDF:
  1. Download the Qt archive file appropriate for your host system OS by going to our website,, logging into your myQNX account, and then going to the Download area.

    To find the archive file containing the Qt development tools that will work with your host, search for files with names similar to "QT 5.2 (Windows Host Tools)" or "QT 5.2 (Linux Host Tools)" in the download area of the QNX website.

  2. Open the archive file and navigate one level down from the root directory to access the directory containing the QNX QDF files.

    In the Windows archive, this will be the QtQNX directory, found within the top-level qt-windows-armle-v7 directory. For Linux, this will be the qt5-5.2 directory, found within qt-linux-armle-v7.

  3. Unzip this directory to C:\ on Windows or / on Linux.

    QNX QDF must be unzipped to this particular location because some Qt tools have hardcoded paths. Installing the package to another location will result in compilation and build errors when developing a Qt project. For Windows, your development projects must also be on C:.


  1. Verify the correctness of the QNX QDF path by opening an OS terminal, navigating to C:\QtQNX\Qt520\bin on Windows or /base/qt5-5.2/bin on Linux, and typing qmake -query:

    The installation location should match the first few directory levels in the paths listed in the output.