The QNX Neutrino resource managers and utilities are described here in alphabetical order.

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The following are described elsewhere:

For information about: See:
ntoarmv7-*, ntox86-* addr2line, ar, c++filt, gcc, gcov, gdb, gprof, g++, ld, nm, objcopy, objdump, ranlib, readelf, size, strings, strip

The following have been discontinued:

Instead of: Use:
named-xfer Obsolete; named no longer uses it
nfm-autoip.so lsm-autoip.so
npm-pppmgr.so Now included in io-pkt*
npm-pppoe.so Now included in io-pkt*
npm-qnet-compat.so No replacement
npm-qnet-l4_lite.so lsm-qnet.so
npm-tcpip-v4.so, npm-tcpip-v6.so Now included in io-pkt*
npm-ttcpip.so No replacement

This chapter describes the utilities, etc. whose names start with "N".