Create and maintain library archives (POSIX)


ar_variant -key_letter[mod [relpos]] archive [member…]
ar_variant -M [ <mri-script ]

where ar_variant depends on the target platform, as follows:

Target platform ar_variant
ARMv7 ntoarmv7-ar
x86 ntox86-ar

Runs on:

Linux, Microsoft Windows


The ar program creates and modifies archives, and extracts members from them. An archive is a single file holding a collection of other files in a structure that makes it possible to retrieve the original individual files (called members of the archive).

The original files' contents, mode (permissions), timestamp, owner, and group are preserved in the archive; you can restore them on extraction. The ar utility can maintain archives whose members have names of any length.

For more information, see the Binutils documentation on the GNU website at

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