lpr error messages

lpr: filename: copyfile is too large
The submitted file was larger than the printer's maximum file size, as defined by the mx capability in its printcap entry.
lpr: printer: unknown printer
The printer wasn't found in the /etc/printcap database, perhaps because an entry is missing or incorrect.
lpr: printer: jobs queued, but cannot start daemon
The connection to lpd on the local machine failed, probably because the printer server has died or isn't responding. The superuser can restart lpd by typing:

You can also check the state of the master printer daemon:

sin -P lpd

Another possibility is that the user ID for lpr isn't root and its group ID isn't daemon. You can check by typing:

ls -lg /usr/bin/lpr
lpr: printer: printer queue is disabled
This means the queue was turned off with the lprc disable command (see "lprc—printer-control program") to prevent lpr from putting files in the queue. This is usually done when a printer is going to be down for a long time. The superuser can turn the printer back on using lprc.