The QNX Neutrino RTOS supports PCMCIA 1.0/2.0 and CardBUS type cards.

By default, the driver detects the ISA/PCI based controller. If an adapter isn't detected, check the supported hardware page to ensure that your PC Card adapter's chipset is supported. Currently the driver doesn't let you specify the adapter's I/O port and IRQ, but you can specify the card's I/O port and IRQ.

If the driver fails to start:

To display PC Card information, use the pin utility. The output that appears on your screen should look like this:

# pin
Sock    Func    Type          Flags          PID  Base   Size    IRQ
1               Empty       -----MF------    None
1               Empty       -----MF------    None
2       0       Network     C---I-+------    None 0x300  32        7
2               Empty       ----MF---------  None

Each socket has two entries because the driver (devp-pccard) supports combination cards that give room for two functions in each slot. The categories displayed in the output example above are:

The slot where the PC Card is attached. In the example above, the Network card appears in slot 2.
Used when the card is a multifunction PC Card.
A label for the PC Card's function. If the card is a Network card, the Type column displays Network.
Flags that aren't set are marked as -. The following table lists possible set flags:
This flag: Has a set value of:
C Card in
B Battery low
R Scheduled to be configured
N Not enough resources to configure card
I or M I/O card or memory card
F Not configured
+ Window is part of previous configuration
U Window is an unlockable window
T Window is a temporary window
B Machine booted from this device
X or W Locked exclusive / locked read/write
R Locked read-only
L Level-mode IRQs
S Shared IRQs
A Attribute memory
W Wide (16-bit) memory access
The process ID of the process attached to the PC Card driver (devp-pccard).
The base address of the PC Card. This information is useful for starting device drivers.
The number of bytes in the I/O port range.
The PC Card's IRQ. This information is useful when starting the driver manually.